Defense and Security

We support your mission, safeguarding our nation at home, and abroad.

Department of Homeland Security
Department of Defense

Challenges on our borders change and evolve rapidly. We help DHS respond by:

  • Ensuring development efficiency with common components and low-code tools, reducing the time to deployment for the most critical applications
  • Implementing cloud solutions so officers can use applications across all devices, especially in the field.
  • Modernizing IT applications, using best-in-class agile methodologies to provide upgrades, improve performance and lower costs.
  • Integrating cybersecurity at all development stages, preventing system access to our nation’s enemies.

The Department of Defense requires the best team with the best solutions. That’s why we:

  • Implement cybersecurity throughout the full software development lifecycle.
  • Innovate, pioneering the first secure DoD-based cloud service.
  • Automates tasks, empowering teams to integrate new software with the push of a button.
  • Ensure system security requirements compliance, providing peace of mind for DoD personnel.

Civilian Agencies

We optimize the systems that support American citizens, from filing patents to managing federal court cases.

Department of Commerce
United States Courts
Department of Health &
Human Services

Together with the Department of Commerce, we support millions of people interacting with the US Patent and Trademark Office by:

  • Upgrading and maintaining databases, supporting all applications
  • Process and program management, supporting enterprise scale agile development of new flagship programs
  • IT modernization, transforming legacy applications, empowering inventors to seamlessly file and retrieve patent applications
  • Providing the system architecture that allows USPTO employees to easily collaborate

Every day, hundreds of cases are processed through the United States Courts. We build efficient, effective systems by:

  • Administrating databases associated with AOUSC’s case management
  • Building advanced CI/CD pipelines for new developments and enhancements
  • Integrating DevSecOps into the software engineering and development process
  • Providing configuration management, allowing for enhanced delivery speeds and consistent deployments

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