DevSecOps You Can Trust

DevSecOps means development, security, and operations. At Ignite, it’s our approach to building security directly into software development, testing, and the entirety of the Software Development Life Cycle – at the code level. Again, DevSecOps is about built-in security, not security that functions as a perimeter around apps and data.

Specifically, we provide expert cloud and security architecture and engineering expertise to multi-tenant cloud environments including automating security testing. We are thorough, security testing static code, dynamic code, and penetration risks.

With DecSecOps combined with our unique agile approach, we help you significantly bolster your existing organizational workflows and integrate security into new software development, migrations, and O&M engagements.

Cybersecurity Services Life Cycle

Rapid Detection and Resolution Model

While we use DevSecOps to build security into our development cycles early and often, we understand that security threats can occur anywhere, at any time. That’s why Ignite’s teams use a rapid detection and resolution model to identify potential threats before they arise, ensuring that our customers’ missions and data stay safe.

Identify, Prepare, Detect, Respond, Resolve Identify, Prepare, Detect, Respond, Resolve

Meeting Your Compliance Requirements

Our DevSecOps approach also strengthens your efforts to meet the government’s multitude and challenging security compliance requirements.

Proven Results

  • 100% data and cyber compliance over the past 3 years
  • Supporting and maintaining Risk Management Framework (RMF) Authority to Operate (ATOs) for dozens of web applications and systems
  • Assessed 500+ IAVMs and applying 100+ IAVMs to support software and system portfolios in the last year alone
  • Zero malicious intrusions on all 58 systems we support for our DoD customers.
  • Contributed to the development of cybersecurity tools that decrease Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) assessments by as much as 87%

Cybersecurity is Our Passion

Our Cybersecurity Services Lifecycle arms us to proactively plan for and engage potential risks. Should we identify risks, we rapidly develop and execute mitigating solutions.

Our risk management offerings include:

  • ISSM/ISSO Support for Risk Management Framework (RMF)
  • Cyber Risk Analysis
  • Assessment & Authorization
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • FedRAMP, FISMA, ICD, DOD, NIST 800-53 Standards & Policy Compliance
  • Configuration Management

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