Ignite Named a Key Strategic Partner in US Army Award

Ignite Named a Key Strategic Partner in the Delivery of the U.S. Army Global Force Information Management Phase II Contract Award

Ignite will help develop an end-state solution to transition 14 legacy systems into a single solution to provide over 160,000 users with real-time holistic data   


ASHBURN, VA. Ignite, a leading Hyper Automation, Modernization, Security, and Cloud Solutions company within the government space, announced today their award of the Phase II of the Global Force Management (GFIM) Contract. The Company will join a team led by BigBear.ai (NYSE: BBAI) to implement an enterprise-wide intelligent automation platform to help the Army make risk-informed decisions supporting training and mission operations. 

The GFIM effort directly supports the top priorities identified by the Secretary of the Army, Hon. Christine Wormuth. In a February message to service members, Wormuth outlined her goal of putting “the Army on a sustainable strategic path” in executing “multi-domain operations while facing strategic pressures.” Additionally, she discussed her commitment to ensuring “the Army becomes more data-centric and can conduct operations in contested environments, which will enable our ability to prevail on the future battlefield.”  

The GFIM transactional capability is a dynamic, integrated, and interoperable transactional global force structure and employment data system for the force management community to plan, program, and produce authoritative force structure data. By replacing aging legacy systems, automating manual processes for determining unit readiness, and generating and tracking actionable mission data, GFIM’s new integrated cloud platform will significantly enhance the Army’s Deploy to Redeploy and Retrograde (D2RR) end-to-end business processes as a single-entry point for force management activities. 

“Ignite was honored to deliver functional and technical expertise as part of the Phase I success, and we look forward to continuing our support in Phase II to deliver world-class capabilities for the Army’s GFIM mission,” said Steven Pichney, Ignite’s CEO. “The BigBear.ai team’s solution will help the Army live up to Secretary Christine Wormuth’s message to service members in February – we will use an integrated, data-driven approach to empower the Army to become a more effective and efficient force.” 


About Ignite  

Ignite  is a digital startup born from a group of expert IT architects and engineers obsessed with delivering world-class Cybersecurity, Agile Development, DevOps, Security and Risk Management, IT Modernization, and Automation solutions. Ignite has found marked success in the government sector as a key member of one of the largest agile software factories in the world, as well as with their groundbreaking innovation lab. Ignite’s teams operate across the country as they and their customers focus on winning the future together. More information on Ignite can be found at www.igniteitservices.com 


About BigBear.ai 

BigBear.ai delivers AI-powered analytics and cyber engineering solutions to support mission-critical operations and decision-making in complex, real-world environments. BigBear.ai’s customers, which include the U.S. Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, the U.S. Federal Government, as well as customers in manufacturing, healthcare, commercial space, and other sectors, rely on BigBear.ai’s solutions to see and shape their world through reliable, predictive insights and goal-oriented advice. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, BigBear.ai is a global, public company traded on the NYSE under the symbol BBAI. For more information, please visit: https://bigbear.ai  


Contact:  Joey Reid | (703)-447-4339jreid@igniteitservices.com 

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